Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I have lost my camera!!!!
I am sick, sick, sick!!!!
I was cleaning out my car before going to work - I had it in my hand - I either threw it away with the trash from the car, or drove off with it on top of the car!!!!
It was only a Kodak EasyShare, but it was ALL I had!!!
What's a blog without pictures....it's kinda like trying to talk with your hands tied, and God knows I can't do that!!!!
I do have some news - and even a couple of pictures to go with it!!
We found out what Brandi and Landon's baby is...........
Take a guess and I will be back soon with the news......
(Did I mention....I am just SICK about my camera!!!)

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Brenda said...

Congrats girl.Im so proud. I hope you get a camera soon.