Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Purses, Purses and more Purses....

I promise I really do work...Annie....sometimes!!

I couldn't think about what to talk about today and I didn't have any new daughter went to Dallas a couple of weeks ago with some friends and came back with the cutest purse from Sam Moon's.

So today I went on the website and found some really cute purses - this is the one that I decided I wanted to get....but I didn't, I showed great restraint!!!!

Very bold, don't you think!!! I normally go in for the more practical ones - I HATE changing purses!! More like this one...and I DO love it!!!! I love having outside pockets for my phone and keys.

Annie (we work together....and I use the term "work" loosely) decided to order this one.
This is the one Brandi came home with - it really is cute!! Everyone keeps calling it "that cow purse" - she whispers "it's giraffe"!!

Well, that's all for today!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Beautiful Day......

Well, it is a beautiful day here today - and I have the best view in the building - so I'm not complaining about being stuck in this building all day...I said I was NOT complaining....just so you know!!
One of the ladies I work with has a small retail shop and she gets BOXES up here at the office - you know the ones that come from the suppliers - we all gather around to see what goodies she has - I might as well have my check direct deposited into HER account instead of mine.
Look at this precious purse - it is Kelsi made over - so I got it for her - I would like to say that I will keep it for a special occassion to give it to her....not going to happen - if I buy anything for Christmas in're getting it in October - I am just horrible about stuff like that!!
The handles have these huge wooden beads on them - so cute!

I know you probably won't be able to see this very well, but THIS is what was sitting outside my window yesterday - a hugh VULTURE. I don't know what that means for me if the vultures are circling!!!!!!!

He keeps pecking at the window - he sees himself!!!

I must say - close up these are about the ugliest things alive!!!
Last night we had our book club meeting at a great Chinese restaurant, Ming Garden. I'm not a big Chinese food person - but I can handle shrimp fried rice.

I forgot to take pictures - it will take me a while but I will get used to having the camera attached to the other end of my arm!!

Tonight is our first meeting of the Evangel Eagles Football Booster Club - my daughter goes to Evangel Christian Academy and has since she was 3 weeks old (daycare) - I was single and had to get back to work and they very graciously took her for me. These people are like my family and I love them all very much. Although I live in a fairly large city - being a part of a church and school that is connected - it has a small community feel to it. Anyway, I LOVE high school football and especially the Eagles. My oldest daughter also went to this school from daycare until the 11th grade and decided she needed to see the world a bit before heading off the college so she went across town and graduated from a public school!!!!! I will be the new secretary of the Booster Club and I am very excited. It will mean some work and lotz of fund raising and meetings, but it will be more fun than work.
Ok - I'm going to get some work done now.
Have a wonderful day.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Wow - here I am again today!!

We were on our way to take my Mom to a birthday lunch yesterday at Roadhouse - Brandi was driving us and she had on the most gorgeous bracelet - I am learning to take my camera everywhere with me and take pictures of everything - but have any of ya'll noticed how your children do not want to walk beside you and they start looking at you rather strangly!!!!!
Anyway, pretty bracelet, huh!!!!
This is on the other end of the bracelet - Brandi - oldest daughter....going to have my first grandchild in November!! She was on the other side of the table at the restaurant so she got a picture by herself - my Mom refused to look at the camera~
This is my brother, Kelly, youngest daughter, Kelsi and ME!!
We did get a picture of my Mom outside with the rest of the girls - that's me with my eyes closed - how most of my pictures turn out - don't you love Brandi's purse - she has the greatest taste - don't have a clue where she gets it!!!!!!!
These are a few of the candles I made this weekend - I am working on the labels - I think these are too big for these jars - This is still very much a beginning effort!! But I am loving it!!
Well, it's back to work - I have my book club meeting tonight - we read The Friday Night Knitting Club and it was soooooooo hard to get into - but then it took off after about 150 pages and I really liked it - cried my eyes out at the end.
Ms. Pat has a wonderful blog, Back Porch Musings (don't you just love that name) - she takes the most wonderful pictures and always has lotz of action going on - give her a visit!!
Guess I better get back to work
Bless, Donna

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Blessed Sunday....

I'm not going to make it to church this morning...I have some kind of head-throat thingy going I am going to stay home and rest this morning. However, I do want to share my devotion with you this morning... the title of it is When your're on overload..I think that could speak to a lot of us.

When I was beside myself, You calmed me down....Psalm 94:19

Before a violin can produce music, stress must be put on the strings. But pull them too tightly and they'll snap. The same's true of you. Enough stress gets the juices flowing and helpsyou so what needs to be done, but beyond that you snap. Someone quipped, "You know you're on overload when you've no time to cook a TV dinner, the cat's on tranquilizers, and family reunions have to be mediated by law enforcement!" Seriously, before it gets to that point, do 2 things:

Ask for help: During Hurrican Katrina 8 dolphins were swept out of their aquarium into the sea, but because they stuck together they were rescued. If one had tried to go it alone he'd have perished. When you are alone too much you lose perspective. If the enemy can isolate you, he can influence you. God designed His family to stay connected. Or as Paul says, "So that all the members care for each other" 1 Cor 12:25.

Get real with God: Under stress the surge of negative emotions can be overwhelming, and unless you unburden your soul before God you'll explode at the wrong people. The Psalmist addresses this: "Cast your cares on the Lord and He will sustain you". Ps 55:22. "Pour out your heart before Him; God is a refuge for us". Ps 62:8 It's no mere coincidence that many of the Psalms start out with the Psalmist crying out to God for help, and end up with him rejoicing because he vented his pent-up frustrations.

I hope this speaks to your heart like it did mine this morning!!

Well, here it is - THE CAR!! My youngest daughter's first car. She was outside yesterday washing the paint off the thing - hope that last!!

You couldn't wipe that grin off her face with a sand blaster!!!! - Remember those days of youthful independence!! I'm on my own!!!! Is she only knew!!!!!!

The last time I saw her - she was leaving the drivway in her new "ride" - another chapter has closed in her life and brand new shiny one has opened!!

You wonderful ladies are always showing all the neat and beautiful things around your homes. I really don't have a collection of anything. Since I have been reading your blogs - I have been so inspired to spruce up the house and yard - it won't happen overnight - but I'm working on it!!

Here is a cute little elephant that I ordered from Lillian Vernon about 25 years ago. After 14 moves and storage for years at a is a small miracle he is still around. I really like him and don't have a clue why!

I'm off to make some more candles - I forgot to take pictures of those - will do that this afternoon and post tomorrow.

Today is my Mom's b'day - so my brother, me and the daughters are taking her to eat at Roadhouse this afternoon - so glad she picked that place.... I love it!!!


Saturday, April 26, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy.....

Well, I have got to get better at this posting thing. If I was so intimidated by loading photos, knowing what to say....having something to say worth sharing, I would be better.

Played Bunco a couple of weeks ago...had the best time. I have been in a few groups and have always loved playing. This is a new group that we have started and it was our first night and I think this is the loudest group I have ever been in.....and this is a group of women from my church.

This is my oldest daughter, Brandi, (the pregnant one) and a friend of mine visiting in a little sitting area at the house where we played.
The hostess put together a Mexican buffett that was to die for....12 of us and we all sat around her huge dining table.
Look at this green serving piece - the containers around the sides go together like a puzzle...they are all shaped differently - it is gorgeous.
The girls from work and I go out to lunch most Fridays. Our TGIF celebration, a couple of weeks ago we went to this little Italian place called Monjuni's. It is local favorite. The shrimp pasta salad I had could have feed a small country for a week. Sorry, don't have a picture, was too hungry!!!
I know we had the "rooster parade" a while back - and I found out that I don't have ONE rooster in my house and I really like them. I went to a friend's house for dinner last Saturday and she had lotz of roosters - so I took pictures of hers for a late "viewing".
This is the rug in her kitchen
A beautiful lamp in her kitchen

a better view
Her house is so gorgeous I took pictures of the whole thing.....I started to tell ya'll this was my house....

the living room
other side of the living room
dining room (sorry, alittle dark)
sitting area off of the dining room
the guest bedroom
another one of the living room (I don't know how to load these pictures in order!!)
the outside patio
looking out from her patio (that is small "finger" from the Red River) with a fountain in it!
back of the house
another view of the back
another view of the water (there will be house on that dirt before too long)
my precious friend, Joyce, and my daughter, Brandi
Joyce and I went for a walk after wonderful steaks and we were on the other side of the water and I took this picture looking back toward her house as the sun was setting.
So I am learning to take my camera with me everywhere I go and I guess this will be like documenting your life.
Today I have just stayed around the house - I made some candles - will take pictures of those - a new venture I am trying.
Went for a 2 mile walk today.
Watched the NFL draft today - I love football - mostly high school and college - was checking out the LSU boys and see how they line-up. One went #5 - not bad at all.
Kelsi, youngest daughter, got her first car today. She has been driving for months, but when she drove out of the driveway today in that little white car....I just cried my eyes out. It was just different....and I'm sure things will never be the same.
Miss BJ is having a give-a-way over at her house - a darling black bird hook rack....and she has one of the best blogs I have ever visited. Go by and pay her a visit, you will not regret it!!
Good Night!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Quiet Weekend...

Hello all...

I went with my daughter, Brandi, to the doctor on Thursday - it was her first OB appointment since finding out that she is pregnant - they have been trying for a year - so this has been a group effort (I fell like anyway!!).

They did a vaginal ultrasound - something I had no clue about - I got to actually see the little booger - "he" and we don't know that is what it is - but we are hoping - was on that screen and his little heart was just beating away - that screen was just a flickering!!!! ....and then she turned on the sound....there are just no words to express that feeling - hearing your grandchild's heartbeat filling the whole room - it as not a quite or soft beat - it was strong, loud and spoke of life - she is only 6 weeks along - I don't know what that says about abortion - but at 6 weeks of conception - I saw and HEARD life in that baby!!!!!! So now we wait!!!!!

I had a pretty quite weekend - Kelsi had a couple of softball games Saturday, but they were at home - so that helped.

After church Sunday - I fixed salmon patties, deviled eggs, salad and some of those Lipton Noodles from a package (you gotta cut corners somewhere!!)

Oh yea, Friday night I read Ree's blog from beginning to end - I think I went to bed about 2 AM, but let me tell you it is worth every minute - this is one talented lady - in some MANY ways!!!!

Here are a couple of pictures of my bedroom: please be kind - I have a lot of work to do - I am not very creative - but I am learning from all the wonderful blogs on here.

Please ignore the navy mini blinds - they came with the house and I have not replaced them - this is standing in the door entering my room.
This is standing by the chair looking into my bathroom - I guess I could have cleaned off the counter in there!!

And this is my pride and joy!! A friend of mine - who has the greatest decorating taste in the world - found this bed - called me and said come get it - I went and looked at it and fell in love with it. (also please ignore that "jumpy thing" - it's gone - in the attic with all the other exercising equipment that I was going to use!!)

So any ideas - criticism - suggestions, etc are greatly appreciated - as you can see I have nothing on the walls. Just didn't know where to start.
Thanks for dropping by - I guess I better get some work done - my boss is looking at me funny - he knows typing this much, it can't be work!!!!!
Since this is THAT time of year - I leave you with this.....

Bless each of you....

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Things to do.....

Well, I can see right now...I am going to have to learn how to "fancy" this thing up. That's all I need is one more project!!

Today has just not been a good day...however, today is the day the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it!! It may be through "gritted" teeth, but I WILL be glad!!! Sometimes, it's just a choice!!

I will try to get some pictures tonight at Kelsi' softball game to post tomorrow...oh joy, huh!!!

But for now, let me introduce myself - this picture was taken at the Football Banquet - Kelsi is a cheerleader so this is a big event for them. (Well, actually it was taken at my house - and we were on our way to the Football Banquet - well, we were standing in the living room, about to leave......well, you know what I mean!!!)

As usual I'm not crazy about the picture of me, but I think she looks gorgeous - my baby is growin up!!

Until tomorrow.......


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Two days in a row.....

...and with lotz and lotz of pictures - very random pictures - but I know that I love to see lotz of pictures on a blog - doesn't really matter of what - a type of voyerism I guess....looking into someone else's life.

Learning how to load these things is another matter all together!! Rhoda over at Southern Hospitality told me I had to load them backwards and then type between then - well, I didn't do that right - so in random order - here is bit of my pictures!!

This is my youngest daughter - she plays softball for her high school - she's in the middle - this was taken a couple of weeks ago at a weekend tournament - and I got the usual - "Mom, I'm all sweaty - don't take a picture - well, let me get some friends over here."

Some of the ladies I work with went "across the river" (the Red River that is) to have lunch one day a couple of weeks ago - We have a fairly new shopping place called "The Boardwalk" - it is very nice and has a lot of nice lunch places - we went to Buffalo Wild Wings and sat out on the patio - this is the building I work in - the tallest one - I work on the 22nd floor - which I believe is the last one with the concrete at the top - in fact, you can see my window - I face the Boardwalk - I have a great view.

Oh no, I have to change this font every time between pictures - here is an actual view of how far away we were from the "office" - this is the Red River.

Here are a few of the ladies I work with - on the left is Kathy (the blonde) - she used to work at the company but has moved on - she was not there when I came to work almost a year ago - but she still meets us for lunch sometime - beside her is Sandra, the receptionist - next is the "cute one" Annie - she is the geology secretary (here is her BLOG) and then Cynthia in the pink sweater - she is in accounting - they are going to kill me!!!!!

I made some pasta salad the other day using this pasta - I have had it for a while and I am on a mission to use everything in my pantry (or most everything) before I buy more food...

I also used this dressing mix - it was very good - I added black and green olives, sliced turkey pepperoni, diced mozzarella cheese - artichoke hearts and cherry tomatoes.

My oldest daughter (Brandi) has started a Book Club - her and I love to read - my youngest says we are Nerds!! Anyway we meet once a month and discuss the book we read that month - last night was only our second meeting - which was our first book discussion and it was really fun. My daughter couldn't be there - she just found out she is pregnant (with her first) and she is sooooo sick - bless her heart.

Starting on the left is her mother-in-law, Donna (yes, we are both named Donna) and then a friend of Brandi's Leah, a friend of Donna's Lisa - Donna's mother-in-law, JoVita and Cynthia - who you may recognize from the ladies' from work picture - she works with me. We had two missing, Brandi and a friend of mine named Donna - yes, we have three Donnas in this very small group.

Now on to my garage sale treasure I found this weekend.

This is a bird cage that I found for $3 - It's about 3 ft tall. Cindy has inspired me to re-decorate my house and this is my first piece in that direction.

I found these pretty rose plates (they are small, like dessert plates) - I may collect more and put them around the soffett (is that what you call it!!) in my kitchen.

This was just a cute trinket box I came across - I liked the design and the color - I love little boxes of all kinds

Some of you ladies will know what this is - some kind of "ware" - I just loved the color and the size - no, I did not get the apple at the garage sale - I just wanted you to see the size of this cute little thing.

I'm not even sure what you call these - they look like big finials to me - they are wooden and about 8 inches tall. I just liked them. That is what I have always heard - just get what draws you and it will all fit together - as you can see....I have very eclectic taste. Thought about maybe painting these white and putting a stain on them. Don't know yet - I love Cindy's white stuff so much I want to do everything in white!!

I don't have a clue what I am going to do with these - but I just love tassels -these are curtain tie-backs - but I thought I would cut them up and use the tassles for something. There was a tag on them that said 25 cents - they were all tied together and I thought great, what a deal. I paid for them with my other things. This morning when I was cutting the string that held them together - I found ANOTHER tag on them that said $4 - I feel so bad - but she looked at the 25 cent tag and said OK.

This was taken from my office window this morning - it was overcast and foggy - but I wanted you to see my an incredible view I have every day!! I will get another one on a good clear day!!

Well, that is it for today - i am still at work - my youngest has a double-header softball game tonight - so that is what my evening will consist of.

Blessings to all of you.....

Donna (how can I get one of those pretty signatures!)