Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year....2013

Happy New Year!!!!
I do love a new year...fresh, clean, so many opportunities, plans and dreams....anything is possible!
The first line of my devotion this morning, is exactly what I want this year to be about...
Come to Me with a teachable spirit, eager to be changed!
Oh, how I want to be changed!  I want my heart to be changed, my mind to be changed, my priorities to be changed!  I want prayer to be my first defense against any problem....not worry.  I want my first thoughts in the mornings to be of how I can help someone today...not "what's in it for me."   I want to focus on God's will for me and not what I WANT.
Yes, it all SOUNDS good...it's putting it into practice that is the hard part.  Only because our flesh is like my 4 year old grandson...it wants what it wants......NOW!   Its high-time to get some self-control and grow-up!  At 54, you would think I would have done that loooooong ago.  Physically and maybe even mentally, but certainly not spiritually....I have walked around the same mountain I have been trying to conquer for years and years....the rut is about over my head now!  It's TIME...time to move out of the desert and into the Promised Land!  MARCH!
Well, looking out my window, the new year looks kinda bleak!  No, I don't live in the middle of a mud-riding pit (only good red-necks will know what I mean by that!).  I live in an apartment complex (I know, booo...hiss), and they are expanding and clearing for the next phase.  Oh well, what can I say....progress!

I have been trying to put my Christmas stuff away...to be honest it didn't get much past this stage to begin with...I moved to a new apartment the beginning of November...I was determined to decorate for fall before Christmas...well, apparently not determined enough...I had fall decorations out and red boxes for Christmas decorations!

Happy New Year...don't forget to eat your black-eyed peas today!
For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future!  Jeremiah 29:11

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Texas Caviar

I made black-eyed pea dip (that doesn't EVEN sound good!!)...better known as Texas Caviar (better!)  It's the way I prefer my New Year's dose of black-eyed peas.

This recipe has been around for a while - mine is a combination of a few of them...I add drained Rotel tomatoes and a little cumin.  Of course, like most "dips" the longer it sits, the better it gets...it's always better the next day!

     A can of black-eyed peas and a can of black beans - drained....

     a can of whole kernel corn - drained....

     a can of Ro-tel tomatoes - partially drained....

    about half of a medium red onion - chopped to your preference

     one bunch of cilantro - chopped

     juice from a lime or two....

      one 8 oz bottle of Zesty Italian dressing....use it all!

      toss together....and let it sit in the fridge for 24 hours...yeah, right!  Well, as long as you can!  It just keeps getting better!

...it's good stuff!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's Tuesday....again

It's raining and HOT! My hair looks like a Chia-Pet!! I can actually feel it getting bigger on my head. I need to move to a MUCH drier climate.

Not much going on...as you can see haven't posted much in a while.

I had surgery 6 weeks ago and now I am back at work...on the mend...and ready to go. I had a hysterectomy...everyone tells me I will feel better than I ever have...that's great news...I haven't felt good since 1985 (just kidding!!)...so I am really looking forward to this!

Went to a small East Texas town 4th of July weekend...didn't stay for the festivities...but I just has to show you this pic...now doesn't this look just like a Norman Rockwell painting of "Small Town America"...I love it!!!

Great cooking blog Family Favorite Recipes!

Sunday, January 17, 2010


I really do love to blog...but it is like it has become a competitive sport....but I have decided to blog for me...I think I have said that before...I am going to blog about things I do, things I enjoy, people I enjoy and just whatever hits my fancy that day...that week...that month, whatever.

My one-year old grandson stayed with me Friday night..he is walking now and a HAND-FULL!!!! I could just watch him all day long...the look of wonder on his face with each new discovery!!

This is a pic of him when he was about 2-3 months old -

...this was this weekend...yes, he's a thumb sucker - mainly when he's asleep....or if he is really tired...he still has a "pacy" but if he looses it during the night...pop, that thumb is going in.

New Year's day I kept him while Brandi and her mother-in-law when to Canton...a very large flea market in East Texas...I cooked Corn and Crab Chowder, Bayou Apple Salad and Iron Skillet Apple Cake (from Pioneer Woman).

The recipe for the chowder did not call for potatoes or bacon...so I added those. I love to cook and I am very much a recipe cooker...but I use it for a guide and add or take away ingredients to make it "mine".

Cason has more toys than the law allows....but he would rather play in the pantry or climb in the dishwasher while I am trying to load it....I know why you have kids while you are young and energetic....I was exhausted!!!

This is my youngest daughter's Sr. year in high school...we just ordered cap and gown and invitations...it's really going to happen...she is going to make it out!!!!! She has done really well this year and I am very proud of her.

I am back on my low-carb diet...it just seems to be the only thing that works for me...so stay with what works...I have gained a few (translated, OMG, did the scale just really say that!!) pounds back and I need to get serious...2009 was a rough year...I gave in to a lot of pressures. But it is a NEW year and God is still on the throne and I am going to be victorious this year...

My focus this year is ME...I know that may sound very selfish...but for the last few years I have concentrated on people around me and tried to "change" them...and it has taken a lot out of me and no changes from anyone has been made...so I will work on changing things in me that I want and need to change...I will spend more time in prayer and just listening to what God has to tell me and let go of "how I think it should be done". I want to concentrate on my health...exercising, eating better, keeping doctor's appts and learning to want what I have and not always thinking...if I just had that..I would be happy...I have lived my whole life waiting on things to get better so I could be happy...when peace and happiness has been a gift that I didn't have time to accept.

Today I will think on this verse...Jeremiah 29:11 - For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'm reading a book....

...for anyone that knows me, that is not a shock!

I just started it, so I really don't want to announce it just yet...I've read about 30 pages and it is a tough read...a little preview...it's about alcoholics/addicts and addiction.

I have a long line of these people in my family...both sides and as far back as I can remember. I have friends that suffer also.

The subtitle of this book says: Every negative thing you have always wanted to know about Addicts and Addiction...but were too afraid to ask.

Now, I know that just the connotation of "every negative thing" is not something we want to dwell on, but I have been through this enough to know....knowing all I can find out cannot be a bad thing. Being informed of the good as well as the "ugly" is empowering.

This is what the back page says about the author: ....was an alcoholic who started drinking at age 12, became an ordained minister at age 21, a full-blown alcoholic at age 34, and a full time recovering addict and chemical dependency counselor from age 45 to the present.
He should know.

Other news: I have my house up for sale...some traffic, but no offers. It's been for sale for about a month...so I'm not at the panicking stage yet.

Kelsi has started her Senior Year at Evangel...the time really does fly by....she was sitting on my bed last night talking about the coming year and she just kept saying...I don't really think I'm ready for all this....she has wished her life away and now the big moment is here and she doesn't think she is ready...so typical of teenagers!!!

Cason is growing by leaps and bounds and amazing us all everyday....he's still fighting his allergy/asthma...whatever it is...but he is fighting!!

Passionate Homemaking...awww, I just love the name of that blog. She has some great recipes, advice and wisdom.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Easter Bunny and the Little Man

Saturday, the Easter Bunny was at Bass Pro - so Brandi, me, Donna (Brandi's mother-in-law) and a friend of Brandi's all struck out to take Cason to see his first Easter Bunny...

He did really well, he's really not old enough to be frightened, but the look on his face...."'cuse me ladies - but WHO IN THE HECK's lap am I sitting in!!!!"

I think he may be traumatized for life!!

Anyway, we had lunch walked around and just enjoyed a beautiful day...

He went to sleep behind these sunglasses and we didn't even realize it - we thought he was just a good kid......

Here is a great website and blog - I love this lady's way of thinking - very old fashioned or maybe the word is "traditional"...whatever, I love it.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


...that's a song, isn't it??
Had a great weekend - kept Cason Friday night, while his Mom and Nonna had a garage sale.
Did a little re-arranging and decorating around the house...it's that time of year, ya know!!
Last night was our book club meeting, we read "The Thirteenth Tale" by Diane Setterfield...one of the best books I have ever read...(of course, the book I just finished is ALWAYS one of the best books I have ever read!!)...and I have read a lot of books. I think it was one of the best books for everyone in the book club - we were trying to talk over each other and really gettin' into our discussion. The people at the next table were wondering what in the world were we so excited about...we were at a local catfish restaurant...it was VERY good.
Saturday night we went to a local crawfish restaurant (I live in Louisiana, ya know!) - we sat out on the back porch and had a great time. (Me, my two daughters, one son-in-law, brother and a ton of friends)

My favorite son-in-law and my brother - they kinda look alike!!!!! especially with the same shirt on!!!

...and my two favorite girls, they are kinda "prissy" crawfish eaters though!!!

Today I am back at work and will go to Kelsi's softball game tonight....
and to leave you with.....the custest cowboy you have EVER seen!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hello...Hello....Anyone there.....

...don't even ask....I'm not even going to say anything about my big ole' long absence...I'm just gonna start from here....today....OK, let's go....

Well, this is one of the things that has kept me very busy.....the cutest little bugger in the world (to his Nonnie anyway)..Cason Gage...he is almost 5 months old....we are having so much fun with him.

Ya know I was just thinking today....does anyone keep a checkbook anymore....with debit cards and automatic bill paying....checks are almost absolete.

A friend of mine told me the other day - she was at the cashier counter paying for her purchases and she was writing a check and she overheard some young girls behind her complaining because she was taking so long....they said..."OMG, she is WRITING a check!!"

I don't really keep one - I get on line everyday and check my balance and see what has posted and what has not - I write maybe 2 - 3 checks a month...mainly for utilities. I really think writing checks will fall completely by the wayside....like alot of other paper!!!

Just something to think about.....

This is a great BLOG if you like to cook and try new recipes. She is a Texan living in New York (could it get any worse!!) - a great writer!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tell God...Thank You.....


I want to thank You for what you have already done.

I am not going to wait until I see results or receive rewards; I am thanking you right now.

I am not going to wait until I feel better or things look better; I am thanking you right now.

I am not going to wait until people say they are sorry or until they stop talking about me; I am thanking you right now.

I am not going to wait until the pain in my body disappears ; I am thanking you right now.

I am not going to wait until my financial situation improves; I am going to thank you right now.

I am not going to wait until the children are asleep and the house is quiet; I am going to thank you right now.

I am not going to wait until I get promoted at work or until I get the job; I am going to thank you right now.

I am not going to wait until I understand every experience in my life that has caused me pain or grief; I am thanking you right now.

I am not going to wait until the journey gets easier or the challenges are removed; I am thanking you right now.

I am thanking you because I am alive. I am thanking you because I made it through the day's difficulties. I am thanking you because I have walked around the obstacles.

I am thanking you because I have the ability and the opportunity to do more and do better.

I'm thanking you because FATHER, YOU haven't given up on me.

God is just so good, and he's good all the time

Monday, October 27, 2008

Busy, Busy Weekend....

Don't ya just hate those - where you have to go back to work to get some rest!!!!

It started Thursday night with an excruciating tooth ache - we have plans to do a root canal on this tooth a week from today, but it decided to really act up last week - I called my dentist and they called me in some pain meds - they didn't touch it - I was up all night Thursday - I know I looked like one of those cartoon characters - where the sore place is throbbing and red and 4 times the size it is actually supposed to be - that's what I felt like anyway. Friday morning early, I called the dentist - got a recording - closed on Fridays - OMG!!!!!! ....how do I get through the weekend - luckily I have a dear friend who works for an oral surgeon and they helped me get through the weekend - now, I think I can wait until next Monday - but I am calling my dentist to make sure.

So I went to a little east Texas town to see a "friend" of mine who is a football coach at a jr. college. I haven't talked much about my "friend" on here - because I'm just not sure yet - how much you say on here - ya know!!!! Anyway, went to the game and I was just sitting down to lunch with his parents before the game and I get a call from 17yo daughter - she has just had her first car accident!!! Yes, try being 2.5 hours from home and hear that!!!! Stress level goes up just a tad!!!! She was hit from behind and her car is totalled - she and the two friends in the car with her are OK - banged up and a little sore, but OK. Now, comes the hassel with the insurance companies, other driver, no car for daughter, and on and on.

I got back in town yesterday and just kinda piddled around the house - it was a very pretty day and I opened all the windows and just let the house air out a bit - I sat out on my back patio - and just went through a couple of magazines that I had gotten in the mail and tried to breathe and just relax.

First thing this morning, I had a Dr.'s appt. with my thyroid Dr. We are still working on getting that on an even keel. Tonight I have my bookclub meeting. We just read The Ultimate Gift by Jim Stovall - it was a pretty good book. Tonight we will find out what our next read is.

Aren't you tired, just reading all that!!!!!????????

Thank you, Donna and Annie for the encouragement, bless you both!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


It started out kinda rainy and hazy this morning - but the sun is trying very hard to break through the clouds - having the view that I do from my office - its actually looks like heaven is trying to peek through the clouds....it's just beautiful.

Pregnant daughter was at the hospital last night - her legs, ankles and feet are swelling a little more than normal and they wanted to do a MRI to ensure there were no blood clots - and there was none!!! She just needs to take it easy these last couple of weeks and stay off her feet as much as possible.

I had a recipe for some wonderful chicken that I meant to post today - but I forgot the cookbook at home - it is by Dana Carpenter - she has several low-carb cookbooks that I have gotten and they have great recipes - I have tried several of them and they have all been very good.

This morning I had sausage links for breakfast and 2 deviled eggs. I brought some chicken (baked and and basted with hot wing sauce) and more deviled eggs and I will probably go downstairs to the snack shop and get a green salad to go with it. I haven't been eating much at night - maybe a piece of cheese and a boiled egg. Just haven't been real hungry at night. I have lost about 13 lbs in about 6 weeks, but for the past few days, I have been in a stall - more like for the past 7 - 8 days - I will drink lotz of water today - that's usually helps.

Here is a site that I visit everyday without fail...The Pioneer Woman...she has the greatest site. She is sooooo funny, talented in so many ways, she has the greatest cooking section - step-by-step pics and just a great all-around site. She also has great give-a-ways regularly - today she will be having a drawing for a $500 gift card to Sam's.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Good Beautiful Morning....

This weather is just incredible - in Louisiana we have 2 seasons - hot and hot & humid - that's about it - but today it is about 72 degrees and low humidity - looking out the windows of my 22nd floor office - it could not be a prettier day.

Last night I got my hair colored - I have done it for so long - it is really easy - but it just takes a while -

I have been really tired as of late - I got off caffeine about 2 months ago and I don't know if this has anything to do with it - but this morning for the first time in a while I mixed my coffee..1/2 decaf and 1/2 full power....kinda got a buzz going on here.

I am listening to Michael Buble singing "Save the Last Dance for Me" on the internet...and looking at all this paper on my desk that I need to do something with....so I guess I will get started.

I have been reading a wonderful book series by Karen Kingsbury - it's called the Redemption Series and it's 5 books about this one family...I just finished the last one about a week ago and it has been a wonderful read....I highly recommend them.

Brandi and I had lunch today at her favorite Mexican restaurant - i think she eats there 3 times a week - a friend of mine and some girls she works with were there also - so we got a huge table and had the best time....Brandi is due in about 3 weeks - so we are in the home stretch.

That's all for today.....

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

...a restless day

No, I still don't have a camera - but I really miss blogging - so I decided to blog anyway. I get so caught up in trying to entertain - that I forget why I like blogging the in the first place....I just like to....that's all....I'm quite the people-pleaser - so if I don't have a lot of comments - I think what the heck.....but today as I have been reading some of the blogs I like - I realized - I just like to - I have to quit worrying about if I am entertaining or making someone happy - it's making me happy!!!!!

The weather here in northern Louisiana today is about as perfect as it can get - beautiful blue sky - sun shining - and about 77 degrees. I took a drive a lunch today - just had to get out of the office - but, boy, I did not want to come back - but I did!!!! I'm such a good girl!!!

Youngest daughter has a softball game today right after work - so I will go to that - then I need to go home and color my hair - in the worst way - I look like a skunk!!!! I HATE doing that!!! Takes up tooooooo much time!!!

I have been doing the low-carb diet for about 6-7 weeks now and I have lost about 13-14 lbs. This way of eating really is easy - and you can eat until you get full - carbs cause me all kinds of food cravings - so I do pretty good if I stay away from them. If I just HAVE to have something sweet I eat sugar-free candy - the Turtles are wonderful and you can't tell the difference.

That's all for today......

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Still here.......

Hello, everyone, I really apologize for just dropping off the face of the earth.
I went to Destin with some girls from high school - my camera took a dive in the salt water and that was the end of that....I hate blogging without pics....boring!!!!!!
Then life has just kinda taken over - all kinds of things going on - school back in - daughter moving into her new house and awaiting the arrival of my first grandbaby.
I will be back soon - I enjoy doing this too much - gotta go get a new camera - any suggestions???
Thanks for missing me!!!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

An Award and a Walk....

This is my very FIRST award - I am so tickled!!!! Thank you, Brenda, you are such a sweet friend. Both of us are from Louisiana - we have a special kinship!!!!! Please go and visit her - she has a wonderful place!!!

These are the rules:

1.Put the logo on your blog.

2.Add a link to the person who awarded you.

3.Nominate at least seven other blogs.

4.Add links to those blogs on your blog.

5.Leave a message for your nominee on their blogs

These are my seven:
Karen @ Country Life

Sandi @ The Whistlestop Cafe Cooks

Yesterday about 7:45 I went out for a walk around my neighborhood - I have been doing that for a couple of weeks now - It's not just an ole' wives tale.....you really feel better when you get a little exercise!!!!!

Here I am leaving my house - and first thing I have to do is cross the street and I HATE it -there is a big curve just to the left of the street and about the time I get out there some kid comes barreling around...it is not a pretty site....a 50 year ole woman scurrying across the street...no...not at all!!

OK - made it across the street - it's a pretty little neighborhood - older homes - lotz of shade...

Boy, that looks like a really long way........huff....huff......
I found some new settings on my camera - I got the manual out and read it - when all else fails....so I was trying some of them out...this is a really pretty yard - I was going to take some closer ones....the gentleman who owns the house came around the corner and I was in the street taking pictures of his house....I was trying to explain that I thought his yard was pretty and I was taking pictures for my blog.....Uh??? - he points to his ear - so now I am yelling....PRETTY YARD....TAKING PICTURES...BLOG!!!! He wants to talk.........O well, nice man....

Remember, I am trying new settings on my camera - apparently not the right one.....

This setting said something about Sunsets....so I got a little sunset in it.....

very peaceful.......

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