Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'm reading a book....

...for anyone that knows me, that is not a shock!

I just started it, so I really don't want to announce it just yet...I've read about 30 pages and it is a tough read...a little's about alcoholics/addicts and addiction.

I have a long line of these people in my family...both sides and as far back as I can remember. I have friends that suffer also.

The subtitle of this book says: Every negative thing you have always wanted to know about Addicts and Addiction...but were too afraid to ask.

Now, I know that just the connotation of "every negative thing" is not something we want to dwell on, but I have been through this enough to know....knowing all I can find out cannot be a bad thing. Being informed of the good as well as the "ugly" is empowering.

This is what the back page says about the author: ....was an alcoholic who started drinking at age 12, became an ordained minister at age 21, a full-blown alcoholic at age 34, and a full time recovering addict and chemical dependency counselor from age 45 to the present.
He should know.

Other news: I have my house up for sale...some traffic, but no offers. It's been for sale for about a I'm not at the panicking stage yet.

Kelsi has started her Senior Year at Evangel...the time really does fly by....she was sitting on my bed last night talking about the coming year and she just kept saying...I don't really think I'm ready for all this....she has wished her life away and now the big moment is here and she doesn't think she is typical of teenagers!!!

Cason is growing by leaps and bounds and amazing us all everyday....he's still fighting his allergy/asthma...whatever it is...but he is fighting!!

Passionate Homemaking...awww, I just love the name of that blog. She has some great recipes, advice and wisdom.

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