Tuesday, October 21, 2008

...a restless day

No, I still don't have a camera - but I really miss blogging - so I decided to blog anyway. I get so caught up in trying to entertain - that I forget why I like blogging the in the first place....I just like to....that's all....I'm quite the people-pleaser - so if I don't have a lot of comments - I think what the heck.....but today as I have been reading some of the blogs I like - I realized - I just like to - I have to quit worrying about if I am entertaining or making someone happy - it's making me happy!!!!!

The weather here in northern Louisiana today is about as perfect as it can get - beautiful blue sky - sun shining - and about 77 degrees. I took a drive a lunch today - just had to get out of the office - but, boy, I did not want to come back - but I did!!!! I'm such a good girl!!!

Youngest daughter has a softball game today right after work - so I will go to that - then I need to go home and color my hair - in the worst way - I look like a skunk!!!! I HATE doing that!!! Takes up tooooooo much time!!!

I have been doing the low-carb diet for about 6-7 weeks now and I have lost about 13-14 lbs. This way of eating really is easy - and you can eat until you get full - carbs cause me all kinds of food cravings - so I do pretty good if I stay away from them. If I just HAVE to have something sweet I eat sugar-free candy - the Turtles are wonderful and you can't tell the difference.

That's all for today......


Donna said...

Glad you're Back Sweetie! And another lo carb person!! It IS the easiest way to loose weight isn't it...Happy day sweetie!!hughugs

Annie said...

Glad to know you're back blogging. No need for pics...they form in our minds as we read your words :)