Monday, October 27, 2008

Busy, Busy Weekend....

Don't ya just hate those - where you have to go back to work to get some rest!!!!

It started Thursday night with an excruciating tooth ache - we have plans to do a root canal on this tooth a week from today, but it decided to really act up last week - I called my dentist and they called me in some pain meds - they didn't touch it - I was up all night Thursday - I know I looked like one of those cartoon characters - where the sore place is throbbing and red and 4 times the size it is actually supposed to be - that's what I felt like anyway. Friday morning early, I called the dentist - got a recording - closed on Fridays - OMG!!!!!! do I get through the weekend - luckily I have a dear friend who works for an oral surgeon and they helped me get through the weekend - now, I think I can wait until next Monday - but I am calling my dentist to make sure.

So I went to a little east Texas town to see a "friend" of mine who is a football coach at a jr. college. I haven't talked much about my "friend" on here - because I'm just not sure yet - how much you say on here - ya know!!!! Anyway, went to the game and I was just sitting down to lunch with his parents before the game and I get a call from 17yo daughter - she has just had her first car accident!!! Yes, try being 2.5 hours from home and hear that!!!! Stress level goes up just a tad!!!! She was hit from behind and her car is totalled - she and the two friends in the car with her are OK - banged up and a little sore, but OK. Now, comes the hassel with the insurance companies, other driver, no car for daughter, and on and on.

I got back in town yesterday and just kinda piddled around the house - it was a very pretty day and I opened all the windows and just let the house air out a bit - I sat out on my back patio - and just went through a couple of magazines that I had gotten in the mail and tried to breathe and just relax.

First thing this morning, I had a Dr.'s appt. with my thyroid Dr. We are still working on getting that on an even keel. Tonight I have my bookclub meeting. We just read The Ultimate Gift by Jim Stovall - it was a pretty good book. Tonight we will find out what our next read is.

Aren't you tired, just reading all that!!!!!????????

Thank you, Donna and Annie for the encouragement, bless you both!!!

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Diane of Crafty Passions said...

Phew talk about a stressful weekend wow!
I hope you get the help you need with the tooth.
And mercifully your daughter is ok and her friend, that's all that matters.