Monday, April 7, 2008

Quiet Weekend...

Hello all...

I went with my daughter, Brandi, to the doctor on Thursday - it was her first OB appointment since finding out that she is pregnant - they have been trying for a year - so this has been a group effort (I fell like anyway!!).

They did a vaginal ultrasound - something I had no clue about - I got to actually see the little booger - "he" and we don't know that is what it is - but we are hoping - was on that screen and his little heart was just beating away - that screen was just a flickering!!!! ....and then she turned on the sound....there are just no words to express that feeling - hearing your grandchild's heartbeat filling the whole room - it as not a quite or soft beat - it was strong, loud and spoke of life - she is only 6 weeks along - I don't know what that says about abortion - but at 6 weeks of conception - I saw and HEARD life in that baby!!!!!! So now we wait!!!!!

I had a pretty quite weekend - Kelsi had a couple of softball games Saturday, but they were at home - so that helped.

After church Sunday - I fixed salmon patties, deviled eggs, salad and some of those Lipton Noodles from a package (you gotta cut corners somewhere!!)

Oh yea, Friday night I read Ree's blog from beginning to end - I think I went to bed about 2 AM, but let me tell you it is worth every minute - this is one talented lady - in some MANY ways!!!!

Here are a couple of pictures of my bedroom: please be kind - I have a lot of work to do - I am not very creative - but I am learning from all the wonderful blogs on here.

Please ignore the navy mini blinds - they came with the house and I have not replaced them - this is standing in the door entering my room.
This is standing by the chair looking into my bathroom - I guess I could have cleaned off the counter in there!!

And this is my pride and joy!! A friend of mine - who has the greatest decorating taste in the world - found this bed - called me and said come get it - I went and looked at it and fell in love with it. (also please ignore that "jumpy thing" - it's gone - in the attic with all the other exercising equipment that I was going to use!!)

So any ideas - criticism - suggestions, etc are greatly appreciated - as you can see I have nothing on the walls. Just didn't know where to start.
Thanks for dropping by - I guess I better get some work done - my boss is looking at me funny - he knows typing this much, it can't be work!!!!!
Since this is THAT time of year - I leave you with this.....

Bless each of you....


PAT said...

Thank you for your kind comment at the back porch, Donna.

You are absolutely right about that heartbeat, in every word you wrote!

I see you referred to the Red River and Louisiana. In 1961, I moved to Louisiana. I lived in Bossier City. For awhile I worked in Shreveport. Actually rode the bus to work. So I crossed the Red River many times. My first husband and I went to the Red River to have target practice. Bet that isn't allowed these days. It was just outside Bossier and everyone practiced there. I think that was the last time I shot a gun!! My first husband was stationed at Barksdale AFB. We moved from there in 1964.

I love what you are doing with your room. Great looking bed. I have bamboo style shades from JC Penney, in J's lodge room here in the basement. They are quite a bargain there, since they go on sale every so often. You might consider them when you replace the mini blinds. I love these and they do offer privacy when drawn down. So many of the bamboo type shades aren't like this.

Hope you continue to visit the back porch. I loved hearing from you!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Donna, thanks for your sweet words & for coming by to see me. Your room is coming along, keep working with it and you will get it where you want it. I really like your bed too!


the feathered nest said...

I love that sign LOL!

That bed is sooo great! It's always hard to start a project. I usually find it easier if I have something that inspires me either a specific look or a piece like a pillow or comforter (you can draw colors from those for the walls if you're going to paint).

I second Pat on the bamboo shades - I really like that look. Unfortunately my husband doesn't so I have white mini blinds under curtains. Plantation shutters are really nice but expensive.


Judy said...

How well I remember hearing the twins' heartbeats for the first time when my daughter was pregnant! The little munchkins will be 4 in May - I can hardly believe it. What an adventure you are will change your life forever!
I see where Pat has said she lived in Bossier City and worked at Shreveport. In 1977-1979 my first husband was stationed at Barksdale. I loved it there, although our time was not very long on the base. Funny thing is, my dad was also stationed there when I was about 18 months old!

Also, I really like your bed.


Annie said...

Hey Donna, we are working on sprucing our bedroom too. This morning, I found an addition I wasn't expecting. There was a dog on my pillow when I got out of the shower!! That's what I get for letting Randy put his two cents in!

bj said...

Mornin', Donna Kay...
First of all....I NEED YOUR RECIPE for salmon patties...My hubby and I were just talking about them last mother used to make the BEST ones but I didn't get her recipe (most of hers were in her head!) and I've not even tried to make them in years. I love them. She always patted hers out very thin and fried them to a crunchy goodness..Yum I am getting hungry, just thinking of them. Would you kindly email the recipe to me? Appreciated!!
I remember hearing the heartbeats of all of our 10 grandchildren and it was wait until you are blessed to witness the birth! So, so awesome...I bawled and squalled the entire time.....
hugs, bj

Annie said...

I KNOW your weekend wasn't quite this time! Where's the travel update???!!!