Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Beautiful Day......

Well, it is a beautiful day here today - and I have the best view in the building - so I'm not complaining about being stuck in this building all day...I said I was NOT complaining....just so you know!!
One of the ladies I work with has a small retail shop and she gets BOXES up here at the office - you know the ones that come from the suppliers - we all gather around to see what goodies she has - I might as well have my check direct deposited into HER account instead of mine.
Look at this precious purse - it is Kelsi made over - so I got it for her - I would like to say that I will keep it for a special occassion to give it to her....not going to happen - if I buy anything for Christmas in October...you're getting it in October - I am just horrible about stuff like that!!
The handles have these huge wooden beads on them - so cute!

I know you probably won't be able to see this very well, but THIS is what was sitting outside my window yesterday - a hugh VULTURE. I don't know what that means for me if the vultures are circling!!!!!!!

He keeps pecking at the window - he sees himself!!!

I must say - close up these are about the ugliest things alive!!!
Last night we had our book club meeting at a great Chinese restaurant, Ming Garden. I'm not a big Chinese food person - but I can handle shrimp fried rice.

I forgot to take pictures - it will take me a while but I will get used to having the camera attached to the other end of my arm!!

Tonight is our first meeting of the Evangel Eagles Football Booster Club - my daughter goes to Evangel Christian Academy and has since she was 3 weeks old (daycare) - I was single and had to get back to work and they very graciously took her for me. These people are like my family and I love them all very much. Although I live in a fairly large city - being a part of a church and school that is connected - it has a small community feel to it. Anyway, I LOVE high school football and especially the Eagles. My oldest daughter also went to this school from daycare until the 11th grade and decided she needed to see the world a bit before heading off the college so she went across town and graduated from a public school!!!!! I will be the new secretary of the Booster Club and I am very excited. It will mean some work and lotz of fund raising and meetings, but it will be more fun than work.
Ok - I'm going to get some work done now.
Have a wonderful day.


Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Donna~ I am so glad you stopped in at 'the cafe'. You are welcome to stop by any day.
I love the pictures of the vulture... it does kind of make you wonder. Hmmmm?

Annie said...

Donna, I have some work I'd be glad to share with you!

bj said...

Hi...hope things are good on Primrose Lane!
Thanks much for coming by to see me today...I love having you.
That is an UGLY bird...I don't like 'em much...they are scary.
Have a great evening...

Annie said...

Your blog is buzzard bait!!! lol