Sunday, April 27, 2008

Blessed Sunday....

I'm not going to make it to church this morning...I have some kind of head-throat thingy going I am going to stay home and rest this morning. However, I do want to share my devotion with you this morning... the title of it is When your're on overload..I think that could speak to a lot of us.

When I was beside myself, You calmed me down....Psalm 94:19

Before a violin can produce music, stress must be put on the strings. But pull them too tightly and they'll snap. The same's true of you. Enough stress gets the juices flowing and helpsyou so what needs to be done, but beyond that you snap. Someone quipped, "You know you're on overload when you've no time to cook a TV dinner, the cat's on tranquilizers, and family reunions have to be mediated by law enforcement!" Seriously, before it gets to that point, do 2 things:

Ask for help: During Hurrican Katrina 8 dolphins were swept out of their aquarium into the sea, but because they stuck together they were rescued. If one had tried to go it alone he'd have perished. When you are alone too much you lose perspective. If the enemy can isolate you, he can influence you. God designed His family to stay connected. Or as Paul says, "So that all the members care for each other" 1 Cor 12:25.

Get real with God: Under stress the surge of negative emotions can be overwhelming, and unless you unburden your soul before God you'll explode at the wrong people. The Psalmist addresses this: "Cast your cares on the Lord and He will sustain you". Ps 55:22. "Pour out your heart before Him; God is a refuge for us". Ps 62:8 It's no mere coincidence that many of the Psalms start out with the Psalmist crying out to God for help, and end up with him rejoicing because he vented his pent-up frustrations.

I hope this speaks to your heart like it did mine this morning!!

Well, here it is - THE CAR!! My youngest daughter's first car. She was outside yesterday washing the paint off the thing - hope that last!!

You couldn't wipe that grin off her face with a sand blaster!!!! - Remember those days of youthful independence!! I'm on my own!!!! Is she only knew!!!!!!

The last time I saw her - she was leaving the drivway in her new "ride" - another chapter has closed in her life and brand new shiny one has opened!!

You wonderful ladies are always showing all the neat and beautiful things around your homes. I really don't have a collection of anything. Since I have been reading your blogs - I have been so inspired to spruce up the house and yard - it won't happen overnight - but I'm working on it!!

Here is a cute little elephant that I ordered from Lillian Vernon about 25 years ago. After 14 moves and storage for years at a is a small miracle he is still around. I really like him and don't have a clue why!

I'm off to make some more candles - I forgot to take pictures of those - will do that this afternoon and post tomorrow.

Today is my Mom's b'day - so my brother, me and the daughters are taking her to eat at Roadhouse this afternoon - so glad she picked that place.... I love it!!!


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