Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Two days in a row.....

...and with lotz and lotz of pictures - very random pictures - but I know that I love to see lotz of pictures on a blog - doesn't really matter of what - a type of voyerism I guess....looking into someone else's life.

Learning how to load these things is another matter all together!! Rhoda over at Southern Hospitality told me I had to load them backwards and then type between then - well, I didn't do that right - so in random order - here is bit of my life.....in pictures!!

This is my youngest daughter - she plays softball for her high school - she's in the middle - this was taken a couple of weeks ago at a weekend tournament - and I got the usual - "Mom, I'm all sweaty - don't take a picture - well, let me get some friends over here."

Some of the ladies I work with went "across the river" (the Red River that is) to have lunch one day a couple of weeks ago - We have a fairly new shopping place called "The Boardwalk" - it is very nice and has a lot of nice lunch places - we went to Buffalo Wild Wings and sat out on the patio - this is the building I work in - the tallest one - I work on the 22nd floor - which I believe is the last one with the concrete at the top - in fact, you can see my window - I face the Boardwalk - I have a great view.

Oh no, I have to change this font every time between pictures - here is an actual view of how far away we were from the "office" - this is the Red River.

Here are a few of the ladies I work with - on the left is Kathy (the blonde) - she used to work at the company but has moved on - she was not there when I came to work almost a year ago - but she still meets us for lunch sometime - beside her is Sandra, the receptionist - next is the "cute one" Annie - she is the geology secretary (here is her BLOG) and then Cynthia in the pink sweater - she is in accounting - they are going to kill me!!!!!

I made some pasta salad the other day using this pasta - I have had it for a while and I am on a mission to use everything in my pantry (or most everything) before I buy more food...

I also used this dressing mix - it was very good - I added black and green olives, sliced turkey pepperoni, diced mozzarella cheese - artichoke hearts and cherry tomatoes.

My oldest daughter (Brandi) has started a Book Club - her and I love to read - my youngest says we are Nerds!! Anyway we meet once a month and discuss the book we read that month - last night was only our second meeting - which was our first book discussion and it was really fun. My daughter couldn't be there - she just found out she is pregnant (with her first) and she is sooooo sick - bless her heart.

Starting on the left is her mother-in-law, Donna (yes, we are both named Donna) and then a friend of Brandi's Leah, a friend of Donna's Lisa - Donna's mother-in-law, JoVita and Cynthia - who you may recognize from the ladies' from work picture - she works with me. We had two missing, Brandi and a friend of mine named Donna - yes, we have three Donnas in this very small group.

Now on to my garage sale treasure I found this weekend.

This is a bird cage that I found for $3 - It's about 3 ft tall. Cindy has inspired me to re-decorate my house and this is my first piece in that direction.

I found these pretty rose plates (they are small, like dessert plates) - I may collect more and put them around the soffett (is that what you call it!!) in my kitchen.

This was just a cute trinket box I came across - I liked the design and the color - I love little boxes of all kinds

Some of you ladies will know what this is - some kind of "ware" - I just loved the color and the size - no, I did not get the apple at the garage sale - I just wanted you to see the size of this cute little thing.

I'm not even sure what you call these - they look like big finials to me - they are wooden and about 8 inches tall. I just liked them. That is what I have always heard - just get what draws you and it will all fit together - as you can see....I have very eclectic taste. Thought about maybe painting these white and putting a stain on them. Don't know yet - I love Cindy's white stuff so much I want to do everything in white!!

I don't have a clue what I am going to do with these - but I just love tassels -these are curtain tie-backs - but I thought I would cut them up and use the tassles for something. There was a tag on them that said 25 cents - they were all tied together and I thought great, what a deal. I paid for them with my other things. This morning when I was cutting the string that held them together - I found ANOTHER tag on them that said $4 - I feel so bad - but she looked at the 25 cent tag and said OK.

This was taken from my office window this morning - it was overcast and foggy - but I wanted you to see my an incredible view I have every day!! I will get another one on a good clear day!!

Well, that is it for today - i am still at work - my youngest has a double-header softball game tonight - so that is what my evening will consist of.

Blessings to all of you.....

Donna (how can I get one of those pretty signatures!)

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Annie said...

You're right, we ARE going to kill you! j/k :) love all your pics! and congrats on two in a row!