Monday, May 19, 2008

An Incredible Surprise....

I had to go to a graduation party Saturday evening and while I was gone, my very dear friend, Paula, (we've known each other for 40 years now) told me she would be coming by, to leave my house unlocked - she had an idea for my birthday present and needed to see if it would work in my house.
Paula is an incredible docorator - I have always told people, "She can take what is in your house and $50 and make your house look totally different". And that is the gospel truth - she is very talented.
Well, when I got home, I was looking around the house and I noticed my back porch light was on - I opened the back door and this is what I saw:

Now, not only is this just gorgeous and an oasis for me, but you can't really appreciate it unless you had seen my back porch before - thank God -there are NO photos of that. It was crammed with a bunch of junk - wheel barrow - boxes of books, a really long very heavy table - like in school cafeterias - very, very ugly and she moved ALL that by herself - swept and cleaned it up so nice and then added this!!!!
I know the picture is a little dark - it was about 9 PM, the little lamp on the table was lit and the white lights on the tree behind the chair and it was the most peaceful, serene setting.
Is that chaise lounge not the most wonderful piece of wicker!!
Here is a close up of the table!! She brought some things and took some things from my house and made this "little piece of heaven" just for me!! I had mentioned that I really wanted to do something with my patio this summer - she is one of those friends that listens and does something for you that you really wanted.
(We are going to take the plastic off the lamp - just wanted to make sure everything was going to work!!)

These are pictures I took the next morning.
This is a closer veiw of the table - I just love it!!!!

I had this white iron dish - and she put these stones in it!!

This lamp is probably my favorite thing (beside the chair!!) - I love the color - you won't believe where she got it!!!!!!!

She put these flowers on the floor beside the chair, Youngest Daughter made this for me for Mother's Day - painted the pot and everything - she is the creative one in the family.

In the little frame on the table I will either put this picture of me and Paula...or

...this one of all of us from high school.. not sure yet!!

Paula said she is not through, she has a dresser she is going to re-finish and hang some curtains to kinda "screen in" the porch - just half of it - where the chaise is.....anyway - I don't know many people who have a friend like I do...she is ALWAYS doing things like this for all of her friends...she is truly one in a million.....

Paula, thank you so much - you couldn't have done anything that I would have liked more.. YOU ARE THE GREATEST!!!!!!!


Annie said...

AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! Can she be my friend? You are so blessed to have a close group of friends that love eachother. And how you will enjoy your new "escape" when working on a Bible study or catching up on your Book Club material! Happy (Almost) Birthday!!

Sandra said...

That was so beautiful and enticing!! What a perfect gift from Paula. I love everything she did!!

PAT said...

Donna, you have a fabulous friend in Paula, I'm sure for many reasons. She certainly did a wonderful job making this back porch sanctuary, just for you. It's beautiful!


Anonymous said...

Donna, You are truly blessed. Paula, you are what a friend is all about. We don't always have to give things to be a good friend but what Paula did was done with love. We all need that in our lives. Thanks for sharing with us, Donna.
Judy J.

Judy said...

What a wonderful gift from a true friend. One of the things money can't buy is a good friend...I have had my best friend for 30+ years and wouldn't take anything for her!

Happy B'day!


Thrifty Miss Priss said...

Oh my gosh! What a sweetheart! I'm sure it gave her as much joy as it did you. You are one rich woman today!

Sharon said...

That looks so lovely! Wow! What a great friend you have there! I love everything she did!

:0) Sharon

Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

What would it take to get a personal intro to Paula? Tell her I'd be a good friend, I promise! lol

Love your little oasis. I've been thinking about putting outdoor curtains around part of our covered patio, but right now, I'm still at the "thinking about it" stage. Now if I had a friend like Paula, however......

And happy birthday, whenever it is. So...when is it, by the way?


CIELO said...

What a lovely cozy spot.... you certainly have great friends!



Anonymous said...

First of all Happy Birthday to YOU!!! What a lovely, enticing place you have to escape to! I just love it! I'm so glad for you Sweetie Pie! I'm telling ya, if my patio was covered I would have just such a spot!
Happy Birthday,

Brenda said...

Wow what a friend to have. I don't think I have one of those.It is beautiful and you deserve it im sure.

Cathy said...

Very inviting spot your friend created. Enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by my blog.


Peter Mueller said...

you are luck donna to get friend surrounding you