Wednesday, May 28, 2008

More This & That....

Good Morning - I am noticing from my blog, that I need to quit being in such a hurry when typing my posts - I am making a lot of mistakes - I really can spell and know correct grammar - it's just that my fingers can't keep up with my racing mind!!

This is a prayer bottle, that my very dear friend, Joyce, gave me a couple of Christmases ago - isn't it beautiful.

See, the piece of paper rolled up inside - you are supposed to write your prayer on that and put it back inside the bottle (I haven't written anything in it yet!!)

In all our "changing" this week, I was trying to find a new place for it - I have put it on this cute little shelf in the hall bath (I think I got it at TJ Maxx) - for now this is where it will be.

No, all of my house is not red - the laundry room (entry way - since everyone comes through the carport door), kitchen and hall bath are the red rooms and the rest of my house is Harvest Gold.

These are the magazines I am reading now;

Look, what I found - I don't know where I got this bowl or how long I have had it - but while moving and changing I turned it upside down and look:

I guess I could have rotated that picture around - instead of making you stand on your head!!

I hate to admit it, but I used to have some nice McCoy pieces and then I went through a period in my life - where I just wanted to get rid of everything and I did - probably sold them for little of nothing at a garage sale or gave them away......

BJ at Sweet Nothings has got my mind on Kitchens - I saw this one in a magazine and I love it - just a little partial to red, you know.....

I absolutely love these book shelves in the kitchen......

This is just my favorite piece - I love those two colors together....(that was the best picture I could get, sorry!)

I told ya'll yesterday that I moved my kitchen table into my tiny, tiny kitchen...I tried to get some pictures so you could see just how tiny, and if the table is too much: this is what it looked like before:

...and this is what it looks like now....

..come Saturday, that white dishwasher is going to be Stainless - I am getting a new dishwasher for my birthday - my birthday is not until Tuesday, the 3rd, but my daughter and some very, very dear friends are giving me a 50th birthday party Saturday night!!!!

So what do you think about the table in the kitchen??? I love it - now I have a place to sit and visit in my favorite room in the house!!

I am going to paint the cabinets and the paneling that is half way down the wall...a light cream color.

Have a wonderful day!!!!!



Anonymous said...

Mom, everything is looking so good, I cant wait to come over and see it. Paula is sooooo good at that kind of stuff, you ar elucky to have a friend with that kind of talent!!! I can't waituntil my house is done so she can help me with mine too :)
Love You ~ Brandi

CIELO said...

Don't wory... you r not alon in this gramar thin... :)

Your kitchen is looking great.


Annie said...

i always edit at least three times after i post my blog. just when i think it's perfect, there's an "e" where there should be a "b" or something stupid like that. Loving your kitchen even more!!!! Keep up the good work.

Sharon said...

I think it looks wonderful in there! I have always wanted a little table in my kitchen and there is no way I can do it now. I think your cabinets would look so cute painted cream!!!

Have fun at your 50th bday party!!!

Hugs, Sharon

Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

I like the table in the kitchen, too. It seems to brighten it and update it, somehow. Does that make sense? Anyway, I definitely think you should keep it there!

And no, I've never heard "my tickled box got turned over". LOLOL But my children are forever making fun of me for saying the word "tumped". You know, like "I tumped that box over and stuff went everywhere". Kids today...they just don't appreciate the language of their elders. :)


Anonymous said...

That table just makes the kitchen!! Why did you wait so long? : )

Karen ~j~