Friday, June 13, 2008


Has anyone tried these little thingys??
Very good.....I bought them because I thought they were sweetened, flavored creamers - well, there is no cream involved - just flavored Splenda for your coffee. So I add some 1/2 & 1/2 to make it a pretty color.....
I do love coffee, but I'm a sissy coffee drinker - I have to have mine all "decorated" - after watching me fix my coffee, people have commented, "Like a little coffee with your sugar and cream!"...and that's about right.

...and I just love the shape of them....that's why I buy most products...I think they are cute!!!

This birthday is going on forever....and it's quite alright with me!!!!
I got this card in the mail the other day with this beautiful needlepoint bookmark...this is from a bloggin' buddy from another site - years ago - she is the sweetest - I get cards in the mail from her all the time and they just seem to arrive just when I need them. She really listens when God speaks!!!! I love ya, Cathie!!

Kelsi has decided to play summer ball - she is on the HS softball team - and will continue to play this summer on this team. Yes, it is very hot and miserable, but she will be a Jr. this year - so I need to enjoy the "torture" while it lasts!!!!

I played softball in HS - so at least I do understand what is going on!!!!!

She can be such a tomboy - my oldest daughter, Brandi, didn't like to get dirty - so sports was something she NEVER did!!!

But Kelsi can also be such a girl!!! ...and then she did this.....
Lord, give me strength!!!!!!!


CIELO said...

hehehe.... well, good for Kelsy! She is GORGEOUS... and she looks amazingly beautiful with dark hair! :) by the way, is that you playing softball? #3? hehehe! too cute!

Hey, The House in the Roses is having a garden party and would love to see you participate... come see!

Hugs, and a blessed weekend to you


PAT said...

Donna Kay, your daughter is absolutely gorgeous!

I enjoyed the tour of Judy's house so much. Her home is beautiful and warm and welcoming.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Marina said...

Hi, I found you on Cielo blog and thought I would come on by and tell you I only have 2 flower pots so we are both the same heheh.
your daughter is beauitful don't worry they just go throug different stages like my daughter did,marina

Cathie said...

hehehe - go Kelsi go :o)
Love the hair and she looks good too.

Thanks for the sweetness about me - you know I have a soft spot in my heart for you.

Love ya,

Crystal said...

Hi! I jumped over from Donna, Made in Heaven. She's my mom;o) Anyway, I really like the change to her hair!!! lol! She's got the complection and skin tone to pull it off! Have a wonderful Tuesday!!