Monday, June 2, 2008

We had a PARTY!!!!!

I had the time of my LIFE!!!

Let me begin by saying - there is a ton of pictures here and if you don't know me, my family or my friends - you are going to be totally BORED!!!!!

So you may to skip this post and tomorrow I will post pictures of the LOOT (my birthday presents!!)

Here no particular order.......

June Barnhill, a dear friends for 30+ years...she is one of those friends that requires no maintenance - you don't have to call and keep up - but when you need her - she is always there...I love you Junie.....(she hates to have her pictures taken - so she is really going to hate me for this!!)
(you can double click on the pics and get a clearer view)

This is June's gorgeous daughter, Amy, (she is due the same day as Brandi)..and her cute hubby, Brock Berlin - name sound familar to sports fans - yes, the quarterback for University of Miami and now with the St. Louis Rams...and then June's hubby, Darrell - I love him, too!!!!

This was the cake - it was wonderful

Danny & Mary - they have been in my life for as long as I can remember - he was one of my Dad's best friends - now that my Dad is gone - he is always a very sweet reminder!!

Mary, Me & Donna (another Donna) there were three at the party - Donna is married to my childhool friend Jeff

Danny, Me and Jeff (the childhool friend - married to Donna (above)

Connie & Sammy - in her card it said "We have loved you for a long time...." they are very dear friends - that I don't get to see often..someone told me the other day I looked like her, that is one of the greatest compliments I have ever had - because I always thought she was sooooo very pretty!!

Joyce, Glenda, Patti, Paula & Me

Frances, Me & Judy

Kelsi, Me & Brandi (my daughters)

Lillie, Fallon & Me

This, my friends, is Judy...and there are no words.....she was the MC for the night - Judy has been in my life since Brandi was 2 (23 years) and she is just like my Mom - she was escorted in Brandi's wedding as a grandmother - she is that close to our family - Judy put on a little skit about me....that is what the telephone is about - oh yes, she had props and everything!!!

Brandi & Judy (I think they even look alike!!)

Me & Judy (there is no telling what she is saying - but I thought it was funny!!!!)

Judy - she was born with a mic in her hand!!!!!
Judy and her incredible hubby..J.R.

Frances, her and her husband have been the pastor of my church for over 45 years - they are now retired and their son is the pastor. She has been through thick and very, very thin with me and she has never wavered with her committment to be there for me for over 30 years!!!!

Paula - yes, for you ladies that have been here before, she is the one that did my patio for me - we have been friends for over 40 years - she is the sister that I never had - we will always be together, whether we like it or not!!!!!!

Joyce, my soul mate - she is my prayer partner - one of my most cherished friends - when I want to scream and throw a fit and don't want anyone to know - I call her and have my hissy and we hang up and I know not of word will be said about it - to me or anyone else - we all need a friend like that!!!!!

Joyce and her husband Randy - he is my LSU football game watching buddy...we both like to read, so we are always discussing books - he is my pal!!!!!
Kelsi - youngest daughter - and there is no telling what she was saying about her Momma!!

Paula - another one - she got the most laughs - she is just funny!!! She is so fun to be around - everybody was talking about her by the time the party was over - they all wanted to be her friend!!

Emily (sitting) - a fairly new friend - but we have fast become "buddies" - she will sit and listen to you for hours - crying...snot flying...she doesn't care - she's wonderful!!

I promise I wasn't singing - but I can do a mean "Harper Valley PTA"!!!!

Miss Jo - Landon's (Brandi's husband) grandmother - very sweet lady!!!

Judy (another one- there was three at the party also - all we had was Judys & Donnas) Cynthia, Me, Annie (who took all these pictures - this is the only one she is in - bless her!!) and Sandra - these are the ladies I work with - I have only been with them 1 year and they have become such good friends.

This is Sandra (from above) and her husband Tommy - I even think he was having a good time and he didn't know a soul there!!!!!!

Brandi, my brother, Kelly, Me and Kelsi

Landon, Me & Brandi

There was about 60 people there - I couldn't believe that many would come!!!!

Angela (Brandi's friend) and Kristin (Landon's sister)

Donna, Lillie (her granddaughter) and my aunt, LaVerne

Buck and Donna (the 3rd one) this is Landon's parents - Brandi's in-laws - they are the greatest couple - they love Brandi like their very own and that means so much to a Momma!!

Joyce, Judy, Me, Brandi, Glenda and Paula - these were the hostsses for my party - my dearest, dearest friends.

I just have one thing to say....if I never have a dime to my name...I'm one of the richest women in the world...because I have some of the very best friends...not just acquaintances, but REAL friends, who I know would be there for me at a minutes notice if I needed them...that is true RICHES!!!!!

Thank you all for the great gifts, a fantastic party and most of all your love.


Annie said...

Rock on, OLD LADY!!!!!!!!!!!
(Even if it's in your rocking chair rather than a concert! hehehe)

Anonymous said...

What a party we had! I think everyone there had a good time. And as Annie said, ROCK ON!!!! I know you're gonna be rockin for a long time and we want to be there rockin with you. Judy J.

Sandra said...

Wonderful party!!! Everyone had such a good time! Thanks for letting us come and meet some of your other friends!!


Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

Wonderful, wonderful party. You DO have a lot of friends. What a blessing. And just a comment here...BOTH your daughters are drop-dead gorgeous. I know I made a comment about Brandi the other day, but Kelsi's every bit as beautiful, too. They take after their momma, obviously. :)

And one more thing, didn't you say today was your actual birthday? If so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!


Cathie said...

Oh, I love this!
Happy birthday to one of the best people on the planet.

I love you,

Anonymous said...

I should've known I wasn't the only friend you had! LOL! It all makes sense now why I was immediately drawn to you and wanted to be friends way back on HSB! I remember a saying I learned when I was little..."To have a friend you must be one." I think you must BE ONE! What a great party!!!! It just shows how much you are loved! I can't wait to see what you got! :) Love ya & Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!

Thrifty Miss Priss said...

oh my gosh! What an honor! Have you ever seen "It's a wonderful life" ? At the end George Bailey has no money, but all his friends are rallied around him.....and they toast him and say "To the richest man in the world!" I was thinking that quote the entire time I was reading about your party...and I kinda have a tear in my eyes too, because you my dear, are certainly a very rich woman indeed! Happy Belated Birthday!